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Flow Cytometry

The Flow Cytometry Core aims to provide instrumentation and expertise in quantitative, high-speed, and multi-parameter fluorescence analysis (up to 7 fluorochromes) as well as single cell analysis and cell sorting services. The technology available will allow the researcher to quantify up to 7 markers for each cell and simultaneously sort multiple sub-populations of interest, which can then be cultured or analysed, with an array of molecular and cellular biology tools.
Depending on the markers and instrumentation (analysers and sorters) used, flow cytometry applications include the following:
  • Determination of protein co-expression and subcellular localization.
  • Analysis of multiple biological processes such as cell cycle, proliferation and apoptosis.
  • Sterile cell sorting.
  • Single cell analysis (integrated CTC analysis system, Fluidigm mass cytometry CyToF2, Fluidigm C1-single cell auto prep system, benchtop Stratedigm S1000EXi cell analyzer, ImageStream Mark II).


  • Flow cytometry analysis
  • Cell sorting
  • CTC enrichment and analysis
  • Single cell analysis
  • Experimental design (reagents and protocols)
  • Data storage
  • Graphics presentation
  • Training for researchers and students

Cell Analyzers


Gallios™ Flow

BD Accuri™ C6

Cell Sorters

BD FACSAria™ III Sorter

MoFlo® Astrios™ Sorter

ImageStreamX Mark II

Single Cell Analyzers

Single Cell CTC (JETTA 400 sample prep system, Vanguard Imaging Station)

C1 Single Cell Auto
Prep System

Mass Cytometry - CyToF2

Stratedigm S100EXi

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