Enabling Platforms

Stem Cells

image6_sm.pngStem cell research provides an opportunity to understand human development, to model specific diseases, and to develop new treatments. Pluripotent stem cells, including induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and embryonic stem cells (ESCs) hold great promise for generating patient- and disease-specific stem cell lines as well as cell-based therapies. The Stem Cell Platform functions as a multi-user shared research facility dedicated to support research involving iPSCs and ESCs. The main objective of this platform is to facilitate the development of basic and translational stem cell research by providing services and state-of-art equipment to researchers.


  • Access to shared facilities, including cell culture, cell sorting, cell imaging, cell analysis, and molecular biology.
  • Well-characterized iPSC and ESC lines.
  • Generation of iPSCs.
  • Validation and quality control of stem cell lines.
  • Differentiation and genetic modification of iPSCs and ESCs.
  • Karyotyping and banking of iPSC and ESC lines.
  • Protocols, reagents and supplies commonly used in stem cell research.
  • Training for researchers to use iPSCs and ESCs for their research goals.
  • Consultation on pluripotent stem cell research projects.

Neon Electroporation

Biological Safety

CO2 Incubator

TC20™ Automated
Cell Counter

Cell Celector (AVISO)

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